We’ve created the design request form to help us to serve you better.Whether you are a seasoned pro design requester or new to the Lifepoint team, this video quickly walks through why the form matters and seeks to make it extra clear what we’re really asking for in each box on this form.

How we will refer to this project
(First & Last)
(Give at least 5-10 business days from your design due date for your printed-in-hand date)
If you handle printing, please consult Creative Arts if you are unsure of preferred types of paper, finishing, etc.
Please include digital version info in the specs below.
Final due date for the digital version
(Sometimes you need to approve a design earlier than you need it delivered – This should be at least 7-10 business days earlier than your desired printed in hand date)

Printing Information

If printing multiple types/sizes, include all quantities separated by comma
Please choose which account to charge for printing, in case we need to write a check
Except in the rare case we pay by check, the receipt will be sent to YOU after placing the order. You will need to fill out a credit voucher for your card.

About the project:

Specify dimensions (W x H) for digital image for screens, web, or social, etc. Change if you need different dimensions. If multiple dimensions needed, specify here as well. Standard dimensions for tv & social media images are 1920x1080.
Please specify dimensions (W x H) for print. Find options here: https://smartpress.com/shop/all If multiple dimensions needed, specify here as well.
What is it? Where will it be used? Who is the audience? Color scheme? Ideas you like (provide links?)
Provide all titles / body text copy, paper type, paper thickness, length, type of coating, type of printing, where graphic is to be placed on shirt
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Do you want to provide a sample file?
If unsure, choose "Shane Tucker" [person will be BCC'd on request email]
Please note in detail what info is still missing from this request.