As the world evolves, so do our communication needs. One thing we’ve learned over time is that most Lifepoint guests are not prepared to download the “Lifepoint Ohio” app until they have been to a campus more than 3 times. Lpguest.com gives us a great opportunity to offer great resources to Lifepoint guests immediately without the commitment of downloading the Lifepoint Ohio App. Additionally, LPGuest.com allows Lifepoint the opportunity to put our integration funnels in front of guest more quickly. No longer does one have to hope the listening guide is read or that the speaker will announce your ministry’s event.


Consistency in explanation is an important part of making sure the tools are used to their potential. Creative Arts is making multiple explainer bumpers for LPGuest.com to help keep the message fresh, to provide multiple opportunities to use the message (i.e. before the service starts, in between music & message, lobby loops, etc…), and to highlight different features.


Explainer videos will not replace the value of a live explanation. Occasionally making a live explanation will not only emphasize the value of LPGuest.com, but will also allow the speaker/ announcer the opportunity to more personally greet our guests. See below for language & strategy to use during a live explanation.

As always, the speaker/announcer may order the message any way they are comfortable with, but we have found these specific phrases to be most accurate and most matching the language used in the explainer videos.

In bullet point so you can order how you choose:

• On your phone go to LPGuest.com or

Open your camera app to scan the nearest QR Code

• We’d love to make a donation in your honor – If you fill out the guest information form, as a way of saying thanks, we’ll make a $5 donation in your honor to the ministry you select on the form

In bullet point so you can order how you choose:

• You might find the Message Notes button to be a helpful tool to help you follow along with today’s message

Choose another feature or two to highlight (pick from below):

• Find out What’s Happening at Lifepoint or register for any of our events from the Events & Registration button.

• If you’re hoping to learn more about serving, membership, or if you’re just starting off in your faith, check out the Starting Point button.

• If you have questions or prayer requests, click on the Next Steps button. Someone will respond to your questions right away or your prayer requests will be sent directly to our prayer team who will begin praying for your request today.

• You’ll also find a link for Giving, to give your tithes and offerings to Lifepoint, a link to the Lifepoint Ohio App, with more rich content, and a link to leave a Review, which really helps our online presence.