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How to name videos for online service

Consistency with titles, thumbnails, descriptions, etc each week on online service videos is important to keep the video libraries on our pages and channels clean and understandable. The thumbnails and titles on vimeo, our website, facebook, youtube, or elsewhere need to be well organized and reliable as we connect more and more channels and URLS to each other.

On Vimeo


Video title should be the message title only. Ex: “Redeemed in Christ”


On Sunday, video should be added to the following collections on Vimeo:

  • Your campus
  • Your campus – Messages
  • Series video


Under Distribution > Social, add a tag with only the series title. Ex: Alive

Use the same spelling, spacing and capitalization of the tag for all videos in the series


For Thumbnail – always set the vimeo thumbnail to the series art so that it displays consistently on the channels

it’s connected to, especially the website.

On Webflow


Title of service video should be the message title only

“DATE RECORDED” This is the publish date – Make sure this is the Sunday that the message is to be published for


Make sure the thumbnail [that populates from vimeo] is the series art, if not, upload 1080 series art as thumbnail

On Facebook Live

Please be consistent with titles of online service videos. The title and naming convention is as follows:

Online Service – May 31 – 11:00am

Campus name and other doesn’t need to be included. Special weekends like “Easter” and “Mother’s Day” can be added if desired.


For Facebook Live videos, make sure to set the thumbnail to a frame from worship, teaching, or the series art so that all of the live videos from each week aren’t showing some slide from the pre-roll. At the end of the stay at home time, we had dozens of videos all showing either a part of the app slide or the guest card slide as their thumbnail on Facebook.