What is this

Learn how to create a CCB post so that it automatically feeds to the App and Web Calendars

After the teaching pastor/central team finalizes the calendar, events, and forms need to be updated. Typically this happens at the beginning of November. The following guide will help create forms, and events and how to connect them together for event registration on the website and app

Event Creation in CCB

  • Log in to CCB
  • Select Events from the column on the left of the screen [This will bring up the current month’s calendar]
    • To change month or year quickly, click on the current month and select from the drop-down menu
  • Go to the date of the event on the calendar 
  • Hover over the top of the date box for the Add Event button to show
  • Click on the Add Event button

[Create New Event page will appear]

    • Event Title: Name of the Event
      • when listing events always use Campus Name first then the Event, ie: LPLC CORE
    • Group: start typing the name of the campus the event will be held and then select All Members of Lifepoint Church – XXXXX
    • Event Organizer: List who should be the point of contact for this event 
    • Date & Times: Confirm the correct information is listed, including AM or PM
      • If reoccurring event is being added, verify the date it lands on each month to ensure a holiday isn’t going to conflict with reoccurring event. If that happens, stop the occurrence prior to the date and resume after the date of the holiday. 
  • Optional Setting: 
    • Enable Check-In: Click this box if you want name tags printed and/or want official check-in/attendance)
      • Make sure radio button is on only at a check-in station
      • Attendance Group should be (campus name) Checkin or Entire Church Group for LPLC
  • Event Phone Number: 614-840-0333
  • Location: Lifepoint Church
  • Address: Campus Address
  • Description: Summary of what the event is, including the sign-up form
  • Click the blue CREATE button at the bottom when finished

[You will see the event then appear on the calendar]

Form Creation in CCB

If duplicating a form follow the instructions below; if creating a new form, this video is a good starting place: https://support.pushpay.com/s/article/Creating-a-Form

  • Go to the Forms listed in the left column
  • Across the top of the page, select the form where the form is located (Forms I Manage, Active, Inactive, Archived)
  • Click on the form you are wanting to duplicate
  • In upper right-hand corner, click on Actions and select duplicate this form

[The next screen will have a copy of the form pulled up both how it appears on the screen and the tools to edit side by side. To edit the form, on the right side, there are two tabs to toggle between in order to adjust the form. They are:  Form Settings and Add a Field to adjust the form.]

  • Adjust the form for the event. 
    • Make sure you delete the *COPY* on the form title
    • You will need to click into the form title box and move the cursor all the way to the right to delete it
    • Review the Description for updates to dates, times, and other information 
  • Double check the confirmation page information and admin notifications are correct and that the automation connects to where it needs to connect
  • Click on I’m Finished to save the form
  • Click Publish on the right side to publish the form [allow others to be able complete it]

Connecting Events and Forms

[Now that you have your events on the calendar and the forms created, you can connect the forms to the events.]

  • From the form, in the middle of the screen, you have five selections, click the last one: SHARE
  • Copy the top URL that says: Use this URL in an email or instant message
  • Next, move to Events on the left side of the screen and go to the date on the calendar that the (first) event is scheduled for
  • Click on the Event that the form is created for
  • On the right side of the screen, click on Manage Event (black box above).

[This is will open the Event on the calendar]

  • On the top right, click Event Actions dropdown and select Edit this Event

[This is will take you to edit/create event screen]

  • Scroll down to the description of the event and click into the box. Add language that gives instructions on selecting the form, for example: Click here to register.
  • Copy and paste the link from the “share” tab under the CCB form, finish and approve. Note: The entire link including HTTPS:// must be included and can not touch any other text in the event. If email address(s) are needed, paste into the description.

For example:

Good link:

Register Here: https://lifepointohio.ccbchurch.com/goto/blahblahblah

Bad link:

Register Here:https://lifepointohio.ccbchurch.com/goto/blahblahblah

The only difference between those two links is the space after the colon after the words “register here:”

  • Click save again to save the changes to the event
    • If this event is repeated and the form is for all the events, click all dates in this event. Make note that if a holiday has interrupted the normal schedule and alternative dates used, you will need to include all the reoccurring events. If not, click this date only. 
  • Click on the Publish tab
  • Select Add to Calendar for public calendar and campus-wide calendar.

event updates can take up to 2 hours to show up in the web and app calendar.