What is this

Learn how to create a CCB post so that it automatically feeds to the App and Web Calendars

Log in to CCB:

  • CCB Events tab

  • Calendar date to ‘add event’, fill out required information,

  • If Registration is needed – include “Register here” then highlight here and click on hyperlink tab. Copy and paste link from the “Share” tab under the CCB form, finish and approve.

  • Under the CCB form, click edit, form settings, automation, then put in new automation that matches the correct date and event

  • Calendar – click on event, manage event, under publish click ‘add to calendar’ for Public and campus-wide

App Notes: For the calendar, there are 3 things you can include in the details for an event which will cause additional actions to be shown:

1) Include a Link: If you include a link in the description, then when someone presses the Information button for the event, there will be an option to view a webpage related to the event. Note that you MUST include the whole URL (don’t trim off http or https).

2)  Include an Email Address: If you include an email address in the description then when the Information button is pressed, the app will offer the ability to email someone about the event.

3) Include a Link AND a Keyword for Registering: There are a number of keywords that will cause a “RSVP For Event” button to be shown. If these words are used anywhere in the description and a link is included in the description as well (including the http:// or https://) then the extra “RSVP For Event” button will show. These keywords are:

  • “Register”

  • “RSVP”

  • “Sign up”

You combine the 2nd option above (for email) with either the 1st or 3rd option, and this will allow you to have both a link and an email associated with an event.


event updates can take up to 1 hour to show up in the web and app calendar.