What is this

Learn how to create a CCB post so that it automatically feeds to the App and Web Calendars

Log in to CCB:

  • CCB Events tab

  • Calendar date to ‘add event’, fill out required information,

  • If Registration is needed – the full link must be pasted into the event description. You must not use hyperlinks since hyperlink details are not passed through to the app which mean the link will not work. Copy and paste link from the “Share” tab under the CCB form, finish and approve.

  • Under the CCB form, click edit, form settings, automation, then put in new automation that matches the correct date and event

  • Calendar – click on event, manage event, under publish click ‘add to calendar’ for Public and campus-wide

App Notes: For the calendar, there are 3 things you can include in the details for an event which will cause additional actions to be shown:

1) Include a Link: If you include a link in the description, then when someone presses the Information button for the event, there will be an option to view a webpage related to the event. Note that you MUST include the whole URL (don’t trim off http or https). AFTER USING A URL YOU MUST HIT THE SPACE BAR – IF YOU HIT ENTER AND THEN ADD MORE TEXT SOME BROWSERS COULD SEE THE ADDITIONAL TEXT AS PART OF THE LINK.

2)  Include an Email Address: If you include an email address in the description then when the Information button is pressed, the app will offer the ability to email someone about the event.

You combine the 2nd option above (for email) with either the 1st or 3rd option, and this will allow you to have both a link and an email associated with an event.


event updates can take up to 1 hour to show up in the web and app calendar.