What is this

Get step by step instructions on how bit.ly can help you create custom short links for your CCB events or other non Lifepoint links

How To Create Shortened Links

1. Go to Bitly.com and type in the username and password, make sure you save this information.

Email: [email protected]

Password: Jesus4Ever!

2. If you need to create a shortened link, click “Create New” at the top left and choose “Link” on the left.

3. Go to your desired destination (webpage) that you want to shorten. Copy the full webpage URL.

4. Paste the full URL into the box underneath “Destination

5. Make sure lp.life is chosen underneath “Domain

6. Make sure to type in the “Custom back-half” with whatever the context of the URL is. For example, the full URL of the pack the bus missions should be called PackTheBus2023 as the custom back-half of the shortened URL you just created. So you will end up with lp.life/PackTheBus2023 as the shortened link.

7. When you’re ready click “Create”

8. Next, click “Links” and scroll over to click the “Copy” button on the shortened link you just created.

9. Paste the shortened link where you need it to re-direct people to your desired designation.

10. If you ever need to change the name of the custom back-half of the shortened link, just click “Edit”