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The aperture controls how much light is coming to your camera sensor. This effects the image in how light or dark it is as well as the depth of field for focus. Here is a video to show some examples


The illumination level in an image, often referred to as exposure, is influenced by factors such as ISO, Aperture (measured in F-Stops), and Shutter speed. This video aims to illustrate how these elements interconnect to enhance image quality, highlighting the distinct roles and differences of each.


Composition is important to lining up your subject and providing enough space around subjects. On the camera, we have given the rule of thirds guide that will help you compose images.


Metering helps you see the best exposure for the photo. This video will help show you how to see that and the best metering mode for your environment.


This video shows how to roam around the lobby and take photos and things to keep in mind when roaming.



Below is a generic shot list for a typical Sunday photo assignment at one of Lifepoint’s Campuses. As you can see, approximately 20 photos is all we need to catalog the day. We ONLY need your good photos. If photos are blurry, don’t show smiles or can’t be used for any reason, please DELETE THE PHOTOS before you upload them to the server.

  • 3x Outside as guests enter
  • Think variety, couples, moms holding babies, families, being met by a greeter or parking lot attendant. We want to see smiling faces
  • 3x Lobby
  • Variety is key, children check in, begin greeted while walking into lobby. We want to see smiling faces
  • 4-8x Auditorium
  • Action shots like people worshipping, engaging in their notes, bible or app • Speaker shot
  • Worship Leader/Team shot
  • Illustration moments from the speaker
  • Baptisms
  • Dedications
  • 3x Kids
  • Smiling faces in action, back of heads while looking to a teacher in action
  • 3x Students
  • Smiling faces in action, show them engaged


  1. Modesty is CRITICAL. If someone is worshipping with hands raised and some of their midriff is showing please wait until the appropriate moment to take the pic. The same philosophy goes for stage, shots including skirts, cleavage, etc should be avoided to protect the individual and Lifepoint.
  2. When shooting kids, try to avoid photos that include a Childs name tag. We can usually take this out in post but it shows a sign of good faith to parents when we strive toward protecting our kids.
  3. Always wear your photo team badge when roaming for photos.
  4. Think “sniper” not “terrorist”. This means that the photos where one dials in their camera and waits for the right moment, almost always yields better results than holding down the shutter button and hoping for the best.
  5. Smiling faces are always a win.
  6. Shots from the corner that encompass the whole room are almost never used/valuable. Photos usually need a subject.



  1. Like, comment, and share one of our posts at least 3 times a week (3 for 3 rule); but if you can, try to go above and beyond to be as proactive as possible, especially in liking, commenting, and sharing our Reels that would go a long way.
  2. Try to comment on other’s comments with the mindset to lead them to Christ or just to simply be friendly and welcoming which will establish a more authentic community for those who are online.
  3. Here are some examples of comments that you may want to respond with:
  4. “So glad you’re with us today.” (this would make sense for those who arejoining us on our Facebook live services).
  5. “I really appreciate what you said…(you fill in the rest based on thecontext).
  6. “Good morning! Hope you have a blessed day.”
  7. Speak like you normally do on social media but with the mindset of being Christ-like and encouraging others.
  8. Follow your specific campus IG and Facebook profiles, or you can follow all of our campuses if you would like; the more, the merrier.


Only use a smartphone that has:

Quality Standards:

  • Use 24fps
  • Use 4K
  • Have the grid on to help you with video composition
  • Use wide shots (no in-camera digital zooms)
  • No flash
  • Shoot Vertical(intended for Reels and YouTube Shorts)

How to set up camera for iPhones:

  • Go to “settings”
  • Go to “camera”
  • Go to “Formats” and click “Most Compatible”
  • Back out and Change “Record Video” to 4K at 24 fps
  • Turn on “Enhanced Stabilization”
  • Turn on “Action Mode Lower Light”
  • Turn on “Camera Lock”
  • Back out and change “Record Slo-mo” to 1080p at 240 fps
  • Back out and change “Record Cinematic” 4K at 24 fps
  • Back out, scroll down, and turn on “Grid”
  • Scroll down and turn on “Lens Correction”

Type of Shot Techniques:

– Pan left, pan right, walk forward to zoom, walk backward to zoom out, strafe left or right, still shots


Planning Center will help with when you get scheduled! You will want to respond as soon as you can once you get your email request. This will help us schedule an additional person if needed.

Once your leader has invited you, you can visit to log in!

Check out the video below to show you how to navigate Planning Center.


  1. Access the Photo Team folder of the server here:
    User: Photo Team
    Pass: LPPhotoTeam1!
  2. Find your campus’ folder
  3. Find the year folder (if one does not exist inside your campus’ folder, createone)
  4. Create a new folder inside the year folder and title the folder with the date andthe photographers initials. For example If Shane Tucker was shooting on May5, 2022 the folder name would be 050222ST.
  5. Drop all good photos (approximately 20) into the new folder you created. Besure to wait until the upload is complete before you close the window.


  1. Use this link on your phone or computer Social Team Upload
  2. Add your initials, date, and campus when sending files to the folder. (example: “DS – 11/28/23 – Lewis Center”)
  3. Add your clips to be uploaded


Do you have a question regarding the Photo Team or  taking photos on Sundays?

Contact me by email [email protected] or text at 614-313-9951

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