The Lifepoint brand and message attributes are carried through all mediums of communications through intelligent and intentional use of color, typography, photography, facility decor, Sunday attire, language, and all design related elements.

Proper use is important to ensure the quality and consistency of the experience of every Lifepoint Church member and attender.

Our brand strategy is made up of a vision that comes to life through our brand essence.

This page contains some guidelines and best practices for how to effectively present the Lifepoint brand and essence.

What is a Brand Identity?

A brand identity represents the values, services, ideas and personality of an organization. It is designed to increase recognition and build perceptions of the organization in its chosen marketplace.

Formalizing or streamlining brand identity lends to greater future success by removing guess work of the brand users and creating a more consistent “product” or experience for the Lifepoint family.

For an explanation of the “why” behind the style guide