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Creative Arts Project Request Info

Abbreviation for ministry the project is requested for | Specific Project Name | year or version number
i.e. LPK | Connection Card | 2023

Students = LPS
Kids = LPK
Connections = Con
Imago Dei = ID
Worship = Wor
Next Steps = NS
Missions = MIS
Has this request been coordinated with cross campus collaboration team leaders from each campus? *

***Creative Arts can only accommodate projects made for the whole organization.**
Check what you need *
You can request multiples of each by clicking the "add" button below each section that appears)

Overall Look / Cover Image Request

What should people "read" or "feel" when looking at this image?
If you're requesting prints or other formats of this look, include that specific text on those requests; not here. This is text for the overall look.
Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc


Print Design / Print Request

BAD: "postcard" GOOD:"trunktober 2020 invite postcard"
Type of Print Request *
Who will handle printing? *
If you handle printing, please consult Creative Arts if you are unsure of preferred types of paper, finishing, etc. We want our printed materials at Lifepoint to be of consistent quality & standard.
Please list each quantity and size specifically if there are multiples.
What is it? Where will it be used? Who is the audience? Color scheme? Ideas you like (provide links?)
Provide all titles / body text copy, paper type, paper thickness, length, type of coating, type of printing, where graphic is to be placed on shirt
File Upload

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Attach any examples or needed files
Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc
I have included all text copy for this design in the project details or as an attachment.
Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc


Digital/Social GRAPHIC design request

BAD: "lifegroup graphic" GOOD: "lifegroup leader email header graphic"
projector screen, tv screens, website, email, social media post, etc)
Tell us how this should look, how it should feel, and what you are trying to communicate. If you are not also submitting an "overall look" request, please include that info as well)
(designed onto the graphic image; this is NOT the text that appears alongside the post on social)
File Upload (attach any needed files or examples for your social graphic)

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc
This is an all church event that requires announcement/screen slides



Social media post SCHEDULING

This is a request to schedule graphics / video / etc to our social media. This section is NOT a request to design said graphics/media. Please provide that info on the digital/social graphic section.
BAD: "post for students" GOOD:"Student 2020 retreat promo post"
If multiple dates and/or times, please include specifics.
File Upload [If you don't yet have an image or video to post, please fill out a design request.]

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

If you need a graphic or video designed for these social media post(s) and haven't filled out a design request yet, this will delay your social media request being completed.
I have provided the images and text to go with this post scheduling *
***Choosing "Yes" does not guarantee this event will be announced from stage.***

Video Request

Bad: "mission video" Good: "Mission vision video 2021"
i.e. goal of this video, target audience, 3 key takeaways, themes, visuals, feel, call to action point
i.e. length of video, where it will be displayed (lobby, online, services, etc)
File Upload (please include any scripts, samples, photos or graphics to be used)

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc


Website Change / Webpage Design Request

•If you are making changes to existing pages, please include the exact link to the page you would like to change.
•If making text changes, please copy the existing text, paste into a word doc, make the changes necessary and then upload the changed doc to this form.
Please include as many details as you can. i.e. color scheme, graphics, text, links to samples, etc...
Most of our web content requires an expiration date.
File Upload

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

Provide examples or important attachments
Notes, links to files, inspiration, etc